Holy Communion

Our Sacraments

In the United Methodist Church, we celebrate two sacraments -- the sacrament of Holy Communion and the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Both of our sacraments are open to all.


The sacrament of Holy Baptism celebrates and recognizes God's eternal welcome. Through water and the Holy Spirit, we celebrate God's promise of grace. We welcome the newly baptized infant, child or adult into the family of faith, renewing our promise to follow Jesus in faith and love.


The sacrament of Holy Communion celebrates and remembers God's eternal grace. Sharing a common table, as Jesus did with his disciples, we consecrate the elements of bread and vine and give thanks for forgiveness, freely given. We join in this sacramental meal, given for each of us through God's love.


We see these sacraments as a means of grace,

a way to know the presence and love of God

for all people.