Early Bird Lite & Lively Exercise
First and third Tuesday of the month
9:30 am in the Social Hall

This lite and lively class is a special set of exercises done in a sitting or standing position, designed to maintain and increase range of motion in all joints. Set to rhythm and music, the session is led by Phyllis Lengyel who has experience as a Life Enrichment Coordinator working with Independent, assisted living and skilled nursing residents.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a man’s necktie. We also have ties on hand if needed.

Senior Fellowship Time
First and third Tuesday of the month
10 am - 1 pm in the Social Hall

Join us for a fun game of Rummikub and varied programs through the year. Enjoy a delicious lunch for $5.00

For more information and reservations call Lillian Harris at 619-296-2255 or email at